Newby (very)

Hi, I’m Brian. I have a brand new Harmonica (Hohner Blues Harp MS in C). I have had it for one year and haven’t even blown it yet. My Father was a decent player so I need to crack on. Hoping for loads of help on this forum.


Brian 8)

Howdy Brian!
Crack on? UK?
Here we git ‘er done! This is the Sunny (sometimes lately) South USA.
Glad to have you here. There are plenty of free helps here to get you started,
and we’ll try our best to answer any questions.
Just breath through the harmonica (blow and draw) without using any force.
The tones and techniques are best achieved (and learned) this way. Honkin’
hard on a blues harp will damage the reeds at some point (maybe not right off,
but probably soon). You won’t need to draw hard to get your first draw bends.
Let me know how it’s coming, OK?
I’m glad you found us, we’ve been waiting for you. Let’s get started.


Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am from the UK but not English, I am a true Brit, Welsh.

Diolch Yn Fawr (thank you very much)

Brian 8)