Next Harmonica Upgrade

Right now from everyone’s recommendations, The harmonicas that I am considering are the Hohner Crossover (Possibly with a custom comb), A Seydel 1847 silver (Possibly customized), or a Hohner Rocket. Not quite sure what key I want, but probably C. Any suggestions or recommendations for which harmonica I should? Or even a new contender?
Thank you, OP Lucas


@ladreyer503, as you already have two harps in C, I think you should choose another key for your new one. Maybe G, A, Bb or D, depending on the type of music you want to play. Just to point out with the rockets, if you didn’t already know, there’s a ‘Rocket’ (grey comb) and a ‘Rocket Amp’ (Green comb). I only have the Amp.


I ended up getting the will Wilde with wooden comb


@ladreyer503 the Marine Band Deluxe’s aren’t uncomfy. They’re amazing! You can also get one with a custom comb installed from Todd Parrott if you’d rather have a plastic comb.

Crossovers are great too. MBD’s sound sweeter on chords and a little mellower tone compared to Crossover.

The 1847 Classic is my favorite of the 1847’s personally. But I prefer Hohner’s over Seydel’s. I’m just a brass reeds guy.

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HI Luke. I keep hearing mention of Tom Parrot combs but whenever i’ve looked on his website there is never any mention of them. How or where do you buy them from? I’d love to sacrifice one of my harps to modding and reed gapping just to practise those skills and from what i’ve seen of his combs they look amazing.


You buy Todd Parrott combs from him. Just message him on Facebook. He likes to show you a video of what he has available so you can pick exactly which one as you want. I think they’re $40 + shipping? If you’re have Joe Spiers customize one for you, Todd can just send the comb straight to Joe for you. Hope that helps…

Thanks Luke, i’ll do that