Next harmonica

I am buying my harmonica keys in different brands of harmonica so I get a chance to try a few. I am considering a Suzuki Promaster. I am wondering if anyone knows if the tone of this harmonica would lend itself better to being my D harp or G harp? I would think it would have a pretty bright sound and might be a good choice for the D. Maybe SuzukiSucker has a helpful opinion. I think I already own a Suzuki Harpmaster even though the cover plate reads Bushman Delta frost.

Oh, I’m quite sure SS will be able to help you out there G-man! :slight_smile:

I have no Suzukis - So I’ll be interested in hearing about them too! :wink:

And I’m still waiting for my Turbo Harps to arrive, supposedly sometime next week! Yay! :smiley:


Ciao, babe!!

Hey! "lil 'ol Me , aka. SPD. I’m curious to know about those Turbo harps and how you’ll like them. Please post your review.

Note: for gregmatic, Have you tried a Seydel? I think there great, just my opinion.

IMHO the Promaster plays no better than a Harpmaster or Bluesmaster. It just looks heaps better ie a bit of ‘bling’ & feels solid plus the chromed coverplates slide easily on the lips.

Top of the range for playability & sound + advanced technology is the Suzuki Manji. The Manji price I think is on a par with the Promaster.

Suzuki make very good harps but the Manji is outstanding.

I have both the Pro Master and Pro Master Valved and a Manji. I think the Manji is comparable to the Hohner Crossover and the Pro Master Valved is very different and plays outstanding. With the Valved the 1 through 4 blow holes are great and the 7 through 10 draw holes are unbelieveable. These on average cost over $50.00 and all are very good.


I’am off course as a SuzukiSucker challenged to replay ;D

At first, what whe call a “Kicking a Open Door”. Personal taste makes the Harmonica Factory’s to stay open !

My personal harmonica is the Pro Master, both Valved / Unvalved. I own also some Harpmaster but use them only as travelling Harmonica’s.
I have some of my Pro Masters tuned to Paddy Richter by Ben Bouman
I know hem personally and its easy to tell him what I want and he delivers.

Back to the Suzuki Pro Master.
I dont agree with David T, the Pro Master plays much smoother en the sound is more Full.
The Harpmaster is a good instrument but the Pro Master not only Looks ans Feels better, it plays better as well. Specially “Out of the Box”.

But again, some of my musical friends play Bluesmasters over the Pro Masters and the are Verry Happy Harmonica Dudes.
The Manji sounds good en plays terrific but personaly I dont like the Coverplates & Comb.

Have Fun, John

I agree with Suzukisucker regarding the Pro Master. They are clearly a top of the line harmonica and they do play differently and better than most. I still feel that the Hohner Special 20 is the best for the buck harmonica with consistency on the market.


If you like the promaster, check out the Firebreath. They require about the same for breath control for bending, tone, etc. The difference is that the Firebreath has a slight fatter tone.

For me, right now, I can’t really justify a next harmonica. I’ve rounded out a 6-key set of Promasters, and that’s really more than I need. I’ve got assorted other ones too that I never use (about a half dozen) so it’s hard to think about another. I probably need to bundle the unused ones up and sell them on e-bay.

I do kinda have an itch to give chromatic a try, but it seems like I need to just be a diatonic guy with all the time and money I’ve got into it.