No one around me will get this joke. You guys will

The boys like to tell me a letter harp to play. My 5 year old said hey daddy, do you have a B, and I said no, but if I did it would probably B flat. The funny thing is he laughed even though I know he had no idea why I said that. I guess it’s good that he could tell from my tone that it was a joke. He is also starting to recognize and understand sarcasm. Fortunately he isn’t using it yet.

Enjoy your boys–when everything else is gone; there is family. Our grandkids are a hoot. Grandpa has a harmonica for each of them.

Well, now would be a great time to give your progeny some lessons in music theory. What better time than to start them young, eh, G-Man?!

Rock on, yo!

He’s already working on hid deep relaxed embouchure. I don’t know music theory good enough to teach him. He’s had more music classes than me at this point.

My grandson is 6 now, and I pick him up from school everyday, me and my wife love him dearly ;D

Last week i picked him up and I asked what he did that day “we’ve been doing about about the Great Fire Of London, which started in 1666”

He then went on to tell me about it, where it started, etc.

After a short pause he said “Did your house burn down, grandad ?”

“No I was’nt living in London at the time” ;D

Grandkids, are absolutely-The Greatest!

Definitely Reader’s Digest “Kids Say The Darnedest Things” funny!! :smiley:

My son is a real blessing. He’s 26, but I can’t get him interested in harpin’.
He’s really interested in my harping though. Too bad, because I think he’d be good at it.
He says he wants to pick up the fiddle and banjo. I told him I can help him out. Those two instruments are no trouble at all. Now picking up the piano would be tough (and painful).


Hey BB is the fiddle actually “easy” to learn? It is on my list of instruments that I love to listen to and would love to play some day.

I thought string instruments were quite difficult to learn ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve come to the conclusion any instrument is easy to play but
to play it well.


Harp On!!

I never said I’d pick it up and play it. I just said I could help pick it up!
I aint touchin’ no pie-annie though. Them thangs is heavy.
Fiddling isn’t “hard.” I don’t play actually. I had to study strings in college (forced to) and played with a cello a little. My biggest problem with a fiddle is keeping it under my chin and under control. That’s why I chose cello in school. If you do start to learn fiddle, remember that the bow is as important an instrument as the fiddle itself. Tension and resin are as important techniques as fingering and bowing.
I want to learn (really learn) fiddle and banjo myself, but I’m not starting anything else until I master harpin. See ya’ll in a dozen years I guess. LOL


Grandkids are the greatest.

We have 4, ages 14, 6, 6, and 5.
Riley (6) and Kelsey (5) live about thirty miles away and they stay with us on weekends a lot.

Maggie (6) lives in another state and we get together as much as possible.
The other day was Maggie’s birthday, so my wife said, “Why don’t you call her up and play ‘Happy Birthday’ for her?” I said I had never played it but would find some tabs and give it try.
So I found the tabs, and it was pretty simple, and I went through it about twice.
About that time Kelsey came into the room, so I said to her, “Listen to this and then see if you can tell me what I am playing.”
I had blown about 4 or 5 notes when she excitedly shouts,“The Harmonica!!”
When I was able to get back up off the floor, I said, “VERY good, but I wanted you to guess the name of the song!”
Immediately, “Happy Birthday!!!”

They can really make you feel great.

That’s a great one, Harpman!
I could see the whole event unfolding before me.
I told you folks that there isn’t another forum around like this one.
I’m glad to be here with you people. You really help me a lot with my playing,
but you really lift my spirit too when I’m having a tough time.
Thanks again


Of course, the other side of the coin…

Riley (Kelsey’s 6 year old sister) was in here with me one day and we were just puttering away when she looks at me and asks, “PePaw, why are you always singing?”
I said, “Well, I just feel good, and singing just makes me feel better. Why, don’t you like my singing?”
She says, “Yeah, I like, but not much.”

They also help keep you humble…