Not able to figure out!

Dear All,

I am a newbie to this forum and harmonicas, though I have been playing the axe for some time now…I have been playing the harp, primarily with an agenda of learning blues and reached a stage where I can bend to extent it sounds accurate to me.
I have a quick question on the models, I started out with a Hohner Silverstar which I bought 2 yrs back but was never motivated to play it (I realized why later) until I randomly picked up a Suzuki easy rider and found it very motivating to start. So frankly the EZR made me want to learn the harp.
As I read further I did a little bit of a soul searching in the EZR and messed with the gappings and the harp freaking open itself up and I started liking to play.
Graduated to a sp 20 within 2 weeks and found it heavenly until I bought myself a A Blues Harp to play E blues!
Though I am still breaking in on the BH, one observation is the BH plays itself as compared to even the SP 20 (The EZR is now a memoir as my first harp and no clue what to do with the silverstar)

My Question is

  1. Apart from the build quality, what makes a harp sweeter than the other
  2. why would hohner produce something as beautiful as a Blues Harp and something like a Silverstar
  3. Am I wrong about the silverstar, should I give in a break in time or something
  4. I personally liked the BH better than the SP 20, is it due to the wooden comb?
  5. I am one month old, are all of the above a placebo effect from too much research :o


Howdy! I like the wood comb harps. I play some Marine Bands and have one
Blues Harp. I held to wood combs almost exclusively, though I owned plastic comb
harps too, untill I bought a box full of Special 20’s and Golden Melody’s. Now all these
were old style SP 20’s and GM’s, but I believe the quality has not eroded that much.
I think the GM plays better and sounds better and fuller than the SP 20 and the wood
comb harps. I bought these to customize (slightly) because I like the materials used
in these old harmonicas.
I guess it’s all up to the individual to see what works for him/her.
General Motors makes cheap and expensive cars for the same reason Hohner makes a wide
quality range of instruments. Some people want serious instruments like my chromatic
harmonicas (I even have some cheap models there) and my better diatonics, while some only
want toy instruments or “noise makers” so they can send them to their grandchildren and annoy the kids’ parents (that’s so much fun!).
What was that question about Placebo Domingo?