Notes of a harmonic

I have had mouth organs and harmonicas for years, although I’ve never really mastered true playing as I’ve only played by ear and not from sheet music. I’ve just bought my 7 year old grandson a chromatic harmonica (10 hole) and thought I would take up playing my harmonica again to help him learn. I haven’t played it for a number of years, but I can still play quite a lot of tunes from memory. Mine is a Hero chromatic harmonica M1015 24 hole, I’m not sure what key it is in though. I am trying to find out what each hole is on the music scale. I have a keyboard and so far got as far as the fourth hole, but finding it difficult to do them all. I wondered if anyone knew the notes or if there is a website that gives them. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I assume this is a chromatic in C.
If this is a true chromatic harmonica in C, the holes (with the slide out)
should follow the C scale, just like the white piano keys. The slide in should
shift the tone one half step to give the sharps and flats between (like the black
piano keys). There should be a stamp somewhere on the cover plate or a
stencil or label on the comb edge.
Since this is a 10 hole harmonica, and not being familiar with this brand, I’m not
sure if the harmonica will begin with C as the lowest note.
Of course if the harmonica is in another key such as G or D, the scale with the slide out
should be the key stamped on the body. The G scale would be G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G.
You see there is a sharp in the G harmonica with slide out. The intervals between the
notes of the scale of course will remain the same as the C scale even though they are named differently. The slide will add the same intervals.
I hope I didn’t get too basic for you, but we never know on what level our new friends are operating. I am oversimplifying, but this is this ground basic principle of the build.


Thank you for your reply, but I’m sorry, I must have given some confusing information for which I apologise. The 10 hole is the one I bought for my grandson, which is in the key of C and I can work out the notes on that. The notes I am after is for my Hero 24 hole one. I have started working out the holes, so far, just blowing the first 13 holes are C E E G G C C C C E E G G, I think. Sucking I have done the first 10 which are D D F F A A B B E D, again I think this is right. I’m not sure about the four C’s following each other as the reeds may not be as good as they should be. These are all with the slide out. When I put the slide in I have only managed three holes, both blow and suck, for blow I have C sharp, F and F. For suck I have E flat, E flat and F sharp. I have used a keyboard to try to find these notes. I can’t find any reference to a key rating on the harmonica unfortunately, but I seem to remember being told it was in the key of G when I bought it, but it was many years ago and my memory of it is vague.
Once again I apologise for the first information being misleading and thank you for your help.
Best regards