Notes to Tabs

There is loads of music I would love to play on my harmonica. But no Tabs found on the internet.
Please could someone share there knowledge on how to convert music notes into tabs .
Once I’m aware how to do the conversion any songs I convert I’m happy to share


Hi @jamesharpersteele,

To tell you how to do this it is necessary to know to which key your harmonica is tuned. I also assume you are using a typical 10 hole diatonic blues harp and not a chromatic, or a diatonic that is in minor tuning or paddy tuning, etc. Then, of course, you will need to know how to read sheet music. In other words: this is not something that we can answer in one or two short replies! :astonished:

I’m sorry that it is so complicated. Perhaps @Luke has a good suggestion or two that might help to speed up the learning process.


– Slim


Hey James - check out this thread.

If you have any further questions on the subject, please post them to that thread.


Hi slim thank you for your message
I have c d g blues harmonicas and I can read music
Just about. But I just cannot figure out how to convert to tabs

Hey James - ok cool. So, since you can read music, you can look at a lead sheet, look at a harmonica note chart, and then write the tab for each note on the lead sheet, right above or below the tabs.