O Holy Night


Merry Christmas!

That sounded great,

Make a youtube video from that. It would be awesome, I use “windows live movie maker”

Its a fun program it came with my PC You probably have something on yours.

Play that backing against some pics you might have.

Harp On!!

Thanks, Joe. I decided against making a video for this tune simply because it was so difficult for me and I knew it would take a lot of runs to get through the whole piece without a major blunder. I was right. It took at least fifteen takes to get one I felt I could post. This one had the fewest stumbles. The harp is a little weak in places but if you listen close you can hear me huffing and puffing away trying to keep up. I may try to record it again next year after I have had a little more experience.

I will check out the movie maker software. I like the effects that Stubs gets for his videos…but, he is the master at that stuff.

Great job! I like Stubs pics, but often; when I’m concentrating on enjoying the song-I close my eyes.