Obligatory introduction

I am a buttugly old biker that played guitar/mandolin/fiddle/banjo for 50 years till open heart surgery took it away. Right arm pretty messed up…long story so I bought a used harp. Promptly blew out a reed. Got a cheap Hohner and worked hard…now at least the birds don’t run in protest…but I am still banished to the back porch. Working on the 2 hole draw bend. Seems a good life long quest. And someday I will get a nice harp. (Total mojo to my thinking yet…absolutely no idea what “good” is) so thanks for leaving the door open so us crusty types can crawl in.

Awww… you are so hard on yourself. You obviously have talent. A lot of us use the Hohner Special 20 harmonicas. Here in my neck of the woods, they range around $60.00.