OFF TOPIC: What Do You Read

I read a lot and I’m curious to what others are reading. Just finished,Company of Lairs. Current-The Gates. Most recommended: Transcendental Temptation,Zen of Farting,1601,God Delusion.

hey mike , some interestin’ soundin’ books there :wink:

I just finished Ark by S. Baxter, I’m just gittin’ into that post apocalypse kinda stuff…
I picked up one called Last Light by A. Scarrow, yet to read, about when the oil runs out ??? ::slight_smile: ???

I’m currently reading Music Theory for Dummies :slight_smile:

Not that I’m narcissistic in any way, because really I’m not - But I so do love to read my own posts :-* (oh and others too!) :wink:

Well seriously and no bullshit aside - while working on getting a couple of books done and ready for the proposal publishing routes - I’ve read and am applying Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner; and a few books like the Attractor Factor from Joe Vitale.

Other books include my growing stable of harmonica and music instruction.

Plus, I read a lot of national/international news briefs online - jumping from Discovery to E! to Comedy Central - or wherever the links take to keep me interested.

Nice to know though that harp players like truckers aren’t just another bunch of pretty faces out here - We got some brains to go along with our good looks too! ;D

Well all except for… :o


Laters dudes and dudettes!