old harmonicas

So I have recently come into my step-dads harmonica collection and there are a few of them that I would like to find out about. The only one I have here at the moment is a Marine Band No. 365 in the original box! It is in exceptional shape and plays very well. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this if it is old or new?

I just did a quick google on it and it looks like they still sell them ;D

Looks buy the price that it’s a higher end instrument than the special 20 :smiley:

[i]goes for about 50 bucks.

Harp on!!

Those older ones are great for getting customized too…

David Payne of Elk River might’ve been interested; but he’s over at Harrison now.

Yet Richard Sleigh is still good for evaluating and working on them as well.

In addition, Richard Sleigh knows how to ‘move’ them if you’re interested in that also.

In any event, sounds like you have some good harps to go through.

Keep us posted!

Keep on Jammin’!