old man new toy

Hello, everyone.
I have been given a harmonica and want to learn to play. JP’s lessons look great, but the funds are not there for that kind of thing,
And, realistically I don’t think I’ll ever progress to the point a lot of you have. My goals are to be able to play at home for the kids and grandkids, and hopefully reach the point where I can “play along” with a (very) amateur group at the church. They mostly use guitars, and do Southern Gospel stuff.
So any pointers on how to develop as accompaniment?
All help appreciated, and have great day.

[center]Hi harpin peepaw,

Don’t sell yourself short this harmonica could fit you perfectly.

That’s a great goal to be able to play at church and you could get as good as this member of the forum here.

As The Deer

Your going to need lessons of some kind, start here.


Then if it starts to sound good start saving your penny’s for
his video lessons.

It’s a lot of fun

good luck and keep us posted how your doing.

Harp On!![/center]

Old man, you have another old man here who just started learning and I love it. I’m soon to be 61 and don’t have JP’s lessons yet but hope to get them soon if available in DVD. I’m on the road alot and don’t always have access to a computer so I just try and take the tips I can get and practice songs by memory. It just takes getting started and practice!

There is also the less expensive download of the Lessons instead of the DVD Set.
Also JP’s Youtube lessons.

Thanks for the info!

Thanks, guys. I can use all the encouragement that I can get.

I bought a cheep MP3 Player and download lessons from my computer to it to practice with on the road.

I am honored you posted the video Joe!

And I second that…you will probably progress far more than you think! The harmonica is an amazing instrument, and there are so many things in it that you can get good at!

Peace Out!


Hey Guys, Christian here, I new to this too, I thought that I was probably the only old man on here, almost 70, and I see that I have mostly the same concerns you do, we don’t have all the time in the world, like these young guns do.
One of you mentioned Grand kids and Church. Hey if we have these we are truly blessed and have the most cherished and important things in life, don’t we?
Reading your replies on this forum made me realize this.
I want to learn to play too, but what the heck, lets just enjoy trying and if we make it great and if we don’t that’s okay too.
As the old saying goes-----it not about getting there, the pleasure is in the trip.

Thanks for encouragement, Christian, and yes those grandkids are AWESOME!! They love for me to play the harp or the guitar for them, even when everyone else is in pain from it.
With family and the church, what else do I need?

good to hear from you PePaw. So you also play the guitar, that’s great. I’m determined to play something. I’ve wanted to play some instrument for as long I can remember.
Now that I have the time I’m going to give it my best shot.
My wife still works, and she will call during the day and ask what I am doing and my reply is “I’m sitting here blowin’ my brains out.”
Like you and I both said, "if we have family, grandkids, and church what else could we really want for.
If I make it with the music that’ll be great, if I don’t thats okay too.
God Bless

HI, just watch out who you call an old man. I’m 75 and don’t consider myself an old man. I’ve picked up the harmonica again after playing it in my twenties. I’ m practicing hours every day and enjoying it. I attended a country western local Jamboree the other night and it was a ball. All amateurs playing just for the fun of it. Nobody worries about making mistakes , and people dance and square dance to the music and have a grand old time. They even put on a food spread about halfway through the evening. And they have a door prize draw and several other draws for prizes that you buy tickets for. It starts at 7pm and goes to just about 11pm. Every one has a chance to showcase their talent, whatever it is. It’s once a month and next month I intend to play my harmonica. They have a basic band for back up , but you can play alone as well. It’s a blast. I figure I have a few good years left, the Lord willing, My Dad got to be 95.The whole evening cost me $5.00.
John in Canada(You got to love it)