On and off days anyone?

Yesterday I was practicing before work and nothing seemed to go right. It was like I forgot how to play. I missed notes, I ended up on 7 when I was shooting for 6, I was playing like I did a month ago.

Today before work I was playing and I was doing better than I ever have. Everything seemed to work, sounded good, lips didn’t stick, hit the notes I wanted. I almost called in some personal time from the parking lot so I could keep playing. I can see the conversation now “So Greg why can’t you make it to work today”. “Well I’m here, but I’m playing really well and I don’t want to stop and get out of my car to go in”.

Anyway, does this happen to anyone else?

Everybody hits those little bumps in the road…except save me!


Seriously and no bullshit aside though, G-Man - Just a natural progression to learning.

I forget some things one day, while remembering other things at the same time.

And visa versa. One day it’s all together too!

Ain’t never read nor heard from anybody anywhere that playing this little harmonica instrument was going to be easy.

Rather, I read and hear just stay with it; and it’ll pay you off in dividends you can’t even imagine right now!

Sounds good to me!

Gotta have a plan and goals, eh?


Keep on Harpin’!

Oh ya me too and when it happens I try and recognize it right away and slow! down!
Get real methodical about my practice and if it don’t get better

Time to put the harp away for that day!!

Tomorrow is another day ;D

Harp on!!

If it don't get better, Time to put the harp away....!

Yeah, Joe, always kind of figured you for: A Quitter! :-\

Mwuahahahahaha!!! ;D

Seriously no bullshit aside though, I can dig it.

Thing is, when I get stuck sometimes, I just put one harp down and pick up another.

Have them laying around the house within reach somewhere.

But everybody has off days and nights too. Shtuff happens!

Overall I like to look at it from this perspective:

“If you fear failure, you won’t try, and you’re beaten on one front. If you fear success, you’ll still try, only not as hard; and you’ll accept failure as it is. So you’ll be beaten on two fronts. I’ll take the third option: I won’t be beaten on any fronts either way!” - Jesús or JC, a US Army soldier, of Mexican descent, I met in a bar one time! :wink:


Keep On Harpin’!

Yes,I experience this with the pipes and life. Its an interesting phenomenon and one that is difficult to account for. I suspect there would be an interesting psychological principle involved. My real main difficulty is focus and motivation. Time spent in pratice is time taken from brooding and slothfulness.