On Rainy Days in Summer

In Queensland we are known as The Sunshine State ie its our “brand” - beautiful beaches - hot weather - an abundance of blue sky…but 2010 changed all that with deluge after deluge and massive floods. On New Years Day what does it do? You guessed it …its pouring buckets.

So I decided to do a bit of updating on a set of tunes I played in public ca 18 months ago. I guess I have practiced it in full every 2 weeks or so.

The Medley played on my Hohner Crossover in Ab is of the following:-

JS Bach - Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring
A Dvorak - Humoresque
LV Beethoven - Ode to Joy
R Schumann - Der Traumerie (Reverie / Dreaming)
JS Bach - Air on a G String
M. Knopfler -A Love Idea from Last Exit to Brooklyn.
L. Cohen - Hallelujah
“Satchmo” - What A Wonderful World.

And no I dont have tabs but I’m sure they are out there. Forgive me if its not as the masters would have liked it ie I have very selective hearing and well its all got to fit into 10 holes.

And please excuse the sound as I had the amp cranked up because the rain was bucketing down on our tin roof.

Medley in Ab

And please excuse the sound well if it didn’t sound good I would excuse you

But It sounded great so nothing to excuse.

You got that Harp of yours banging out some mighty fine sounding tunes Dave,

harp On!!