Online open mic

I had a number of challenges in performing through Zoom for an online open mic.
There is a separate setting under Audio for musicians.
Here’s a link that tells you about the settings for various versions of Zoom.

The original video of my performance, consisting of the nights jam, is 3 hours long and doesn’t belong to me, so I am including my 15 minutes practice set instead. For the diatonic,
I use Special 20 reedplates on a recessed brass comb from Blue Moon

The chromatic is a Hohner CBH 2016.
I am using a Bulletini mic with the Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System,
through a 1963 Premier twin 8 amp (volume:5,tone:3, tremelo:3). No effects.

Here is my 15 minute practice set.


Steven - excellent in EVERY respect. What is your impression with the brass comb? I just got one for my Rocket.

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I actually use those settings whenever I’m taking my lessons. They’re also great for open mic as well.


Thank you. I LOVE the brass combs airtightness, so easy to play and control with minimum breath and I love the tone.

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Many thanks for replying. I have the same impressions. :grinning: