Open Invitation!

Howdy Fellow Harpsters & Harpsterettes!

In my ongoing commitment and vow to myself and others to bring out the best harping in all of us while always having fun –

Awhile ago, I came across the site below and joined up. Just recently a nice gent named Dave from New Zealand and I met there in the chat room.

He told me of the time when peeps would get together on Thursdays and just jam away enjoying each other’s company.

Time moved on, and apparently so did the regulars. However, he asked if I might like to join up with him and just play some harp. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity as well as asked if I could invite others.

“The more the merrier!” was his response!

So with all that in mind – Although Thursdays are my CSI nights (hehehe!) I’ll be there and hope you’ll stop by as well!

So with no further ado, here’s the link:

The only odd thing is that it might take you a couple of attempts to get the confirmation of the sign up. Apparently, this site has different places for both the forum and chat room functions. However, once you’re in, you’re in! Yee haw!

So I hope to see you there this Thursday and maybe more. Or anytime we happen to be online at the same time together!!

And yes, since Dave and I both discussed the International Dateline thing – Is it my Wednesday night and/or his Thursday day – Well, all I know is I’ll be hanging around there to find out!


Keep on Harpin’!

Count me in, SPD! Although, I have HOOT meetings on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays, so I most likly won’t be there.

Note: Ask KIWI about Ludie.

Thanks, Ty-Man!

Great learning with you today it was!

Got to the bank and back okay! Obviously! mwuahahaha!

After my NCIS night - will be back there too! hehehehe!!!

Keep on jammin!

Hey SPD,

I used to be very active on harmonicaclub a long time ago. I know Dave…we used to call him Davey-G (probably because of his screen name). :slight_smile: And there were lots of nice folks over there - kiwiblues (also from NZ), vortex, harplips, zephyrazure. Back then the chat room was always full of life.

There is a huge time difference between us, so I don’t know if it will be possible for me to join you guys in the chat room…but I’ll try!


Cool beans, Ashish!

Since you’re already familiar with the place - Well consider it like Las Vegas, Nevada: They Never Close! So it’s like a nice little lounge area off the Main Strip. And anybody can pop in anytime from anywhere to see virtually anybody else. Know what I mean?

Yet plenty’s the time I’m just there by myself. So I get to practice all my song and dance routines naked! So lest we forget: What Goes On In Vegas, Stays In Vegas!


I only met Dave there once; and I’m hearing about various Daves at that. But sounds all good too!

I’m no pro - yet; except for my naked pole dancing (hehehe!) - and methinks it’s just a great way for all of us to help one another break down our own barriers etc. in the spirit of camarederie and fellowship! So see ya when we see ya!


Keep on harpin’!

I was just there jamming with SPD and Osmar right now. Great times! You should all check it out on thursday!

I had a blast last evening with SPD, JF, rsully and myself. So we had, Texas, Alaska, Conn. and Pennsylvania jamming with each other. That was pretty cool!
But my wife said she needs her own web cam now, since I took hers. Hehe!

Ah the price one pays for just hanging out online with the fellers, eh, Ty-Man?!

Hope your other down home get-together jam session goes well tonight. And we’ll see ya when we see ya!

Rock on, yo!

Is it open this Thursday? ;D

It’s Open Everyday 24/7/365 and then some, Ty-Man! :wink:

I haven’t been there or online much this week - TCB! :stuck_out_tongue:

But sure, I’ll make it a point to be online sometime during the rest of the week. :slight_smile:
{with bells on my toes; and clothes er um on the rest of me! mwuahahahaha!}

So see ya when I see ya!! :smiley:

Rock on, yo! 8)

I want to send out a big heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who showed up for yesterday’s chat room jam session. It definitely was “A Wonderful World” last night, wasn’t it?!

Having at one point discovering I was the ‘youngest’ of the experienced crowd - Well, I guess it sort of showed. And I learned some really valuable insights from it too!

Meaning, no matter how well I prepared ahead of time I was, no matter how well prepared I think I was - When my chance to get up on that ‘little box stage’ came around: My mind can go absolutely blank! Oh and did it ever!! Moreso than I would’ve ever imagined or thunk it!

And that was a good if not great thing for me! Why?

Well, when I’m alone playing for myself around the house - Or out on the street playing for strangers - I have no worries or cares in the world. And believe it or not, even if I miss a note here and there, I actually know I can play my songs well.

However, when the venue changes, as it does here on our jam night sessions - Apparently, from my little bedroom and tiny corner of the world, something else takes over and runs me afoul right into the ground.

And missing notes, sometimes even the whole tune itself, isn’t just a small itty-bitty minor thing anymore – No, instead rather it becomes par for the course and makes for a rough personal off-night as it were.

And that is a good if not great thing for me! Why?

Well some can say it was stage fright, nerves, etc. Perhaps. {Yet not even visits from my other friends Mr Barley and Mr Hops who have so helped to take the edge off other times in other places could do anything/nothing to save my sorry butt here on this one. Anywho…}

Just by my trouping forward; just by my not bailing out and giving up on myself; just by my continually absorbing/observing/listening to all the fine performances we had from around the world; not to mention all the great conversations and camaraderie we shared (some even long into the night/early morning hours, and we know who we are) –

Well nevertheless and be that as it may:

Eventually, I was able to get a handle on myself and at least get through somethings I can say I was personally proud of.

And so then what was the good if not great thing I got from all of this?!

Answer simply is: EXPERIENCE!!

Therefore, in this harpster man’s humble opinion: Nothing, but nothing can/will ever do as much for me as getting actual down in the trenches up on the little box stage EXPERIENCE!!

I bring this all up to:

A) Thank everyone who participated last night in our little together for giving me the experiences I so need to continue and move forward on; Yet more importantly –

B) To also let you dear fellow harpster and harpsterette that if and when you find yourself in a similar situation where you’ve prepared yourself as best as you thought you could and still end up flopping bigger than Dumbo’s ears - and yes, you probably will - That just know you aren’t ever really alone because it happens at some point to everybody everywhere!

So thank your lucky stars and be grateful and happy that you were there at the right place at the right time to get all the EXPERIENCE from it you possibly can!

And henceforth on that fine note, this then being said and done:

Tomorrow’s another good if not great day!

And I just can’t wait until next week’s get-together jam session at that!!

So see ya when I see ya!


Thanks for reading!

Keep on Harpin’!

Peace & SPD Out!

Well, I for one applaud you, SPD! Very well said. That’s the one thing that all must do if their goal is to truely play… play for and to others as well as yourself! Always strive for YOUR very best! Doesn’t matter if your the worst in the crowd, you very best is the only thing that matters. And besides, the encouragement, knowledge gained from other players is invaluable! Had a great time!
Let me see if I can remember where every one was from…
Street Player Dude-Pennsylvania
Joe Feeney-Connetticut
who did I leave out?

Yeppers, every little bit helps to get your guts and confidence up! {I’d’ve said ‘cohones’ but um er uh not everybody has them per se; so methinks guts fills the void for everyone! hehehe! Anywhat…}

Well Whiskat (formerly known as God) from Norway made his appearance with his guitar buddy earlier in the day. Dude can sing! No, not Kat - his friend! J/K! Kat always brings smiles and fun whenever he shows up!

And our good old timer friend Rsully from Alaska made a very brief happy appearance as well! He just stopped by to say hello and play a few tunes to warm him up for his own jolly weekly get-together today.

Yeppers, a good time was had by all, always!!

Keep on jammin’!

Well I’m gonna disagree with you a little SPD. Even tho I couldn’t play last night it did me a lot of good just listening and realizing that it’s NOT a big deal if you miss or hit the wronge note. All of yall missed a note here and there but all of yall still sounded good!
I realized I’ve been a lot hard on myself and too critical of myself. When I first came to the Chat Room I was glad I didn’t have a mic, I wasn’t in there very long and was wishing I had one. I wouldn’t have been the best in there by far but I would have been comfortable enough to play.
All Yall guys were VERY friendly! ::slight_smile: It was nice to be a fly on the wall!

It was nice to be a fly on the wall!

Fly on the wall, like hell! Something was buzzing my head last night.

Um, uh, oh, yeah, Mr Barley and Mr Hops stopped by for a wee little visit at my place.

So well er, uh, forget I said anything! Mwuahahahahaha!!

Hope you didn’t type your fingers off as I talked my head off either!

Um, yeah, mine’s still attached! Guess yours are too then, eh?!

Was definitely fun all the way around!

Do it again sometime, Paul? Like when you can hold up your end better and not have us carry the ball?!



Rock on, yo!!

When I can find meself a new webcam, I’ll join you over there too some.
Maybe I won’t make too many of you puke while I’m trying to pick up a little from you fellers.
I’ll give it my best shot though. I can only join in when you’re on A and C harps, and when y’all are having a very lousy day (on the harp that is).
Maybe I’ll bring my melodica. Just joking.


Hey BB, you gotta try it out! I could only sit in and listen cus I dont have a mic. You only need a mic, camera is not necessary.
Everyone does not play at the same time, they take turns just playing what they know! But hay! Even if you only have speakers like me you will be welcomed by all to sit and listen. Its really worth checking out! :slight_smile:

Yo, BB, My Man!

When I can find meself a new webcam, I'll join you over there too some.

Paul had no webcam or mic…But he did have a sound connection; as well as could type. And I swear from my lips to God’s ears, he really had fun!!

Maybe I won't make too many of you puke while I'm trying to pick up a little from you fellers.

Again, I know about the deprecating humor; I and some of us here use it to get past our fears. Well I use it because it’s plain right down funny! But that’s me!

But yeah, BB, I get your drift. Seriously and no bullshit aside though – Until Ty-Man {Tyson} and Whiskat (formerly known as God!) showed up - I didn’t know what to expect myself.

Sure, we were all nervous at first. It’s just plain natural. So who’s really going to argue with that?! Yet when we found we all had a common interest to learn, play and HAVE FUN - Well, it makes everything go so much smoother!!

You ain’t gonna know until you try, dude!

I'll give it my best shot though.

That’s the spirit!!

I can only join in when you're on A and C harps, and when y'all are having a very lousy day (on the harp that is).

You can join in anytime on anything you want. That’s the beauty of this nice little out of the way chat room. Learn to be yourself. No holds barred.

And if I personally have another lousy day/night again, so what? I can dig it! It’s all good! This isn’t a competition, yo! Yet methinks it helps everybody to stay focused and do whatever best they can at the time! It’s Fun!!

Now too, I can’t speak for Paul, but man oh man, he’s a great listener and I had a great time and indeed quite a pleasure having our conversations long into the night. You come and go as you please. And again just Have Fun!! [And don’t worry, we’ll only bust your balls a little bit! hehehehe! If you get off on it, well, we’ll know enough to stop!! MWAUAHAHAHA!]

Maybe I'll bring my melodica. Just joking.

Are you kidding? Meaning, no joke, man! Our friend Osmar from Brazil had a recent bout with something and couldn’t even speak because it hurt too much to do so.

But he pulled out his guitar and just started strumming for awhile. Cool beans!

And Kat was/is working on duets with his guitar friend from Norway. Nice!

So hey man - Enough said, eh?

We’ll see ya when we see ya!


Keep on Harpin’!

Peace & SPD Out!

Someone I forget who played a chromatic last night that was pretty cool.

Like was said can’t beat the experience.

Harp on!!

I will definitely be there. Let me get a few jobs out of the way (gotta replace my radiator in my minivan…well over 300,000 miles on it), and I’ll be signing up. All self deficating (ain’t that what you said?) and joking aside, I really don’t know where to begin, since everything I’ve been doing has been solitary experimentation (and the laboratory usually blows up). I don’t have a handle on the blues licks, etc. I’ve mostly been picking out tunes by ear. And I don’t stay on one long enough to polish it up. Once I get the basic tune down, I move on to another, so I really don’t have ANY that are “recital” ready (yuck yuck). I’ll give her a hammering though, and we’ll see what comes out. I’ll try to be on in maybe a week. OK? I think I may have a cam and a mic…if I can find 'em, and they ain’t falling apart from storage grunge.
It’s going to be fun.