Owe...my lips.

Ok, so I obviously don’t want calloused lips. Do you recommend chapstick or something? Am i supposed to keep them moist with my saliva? My lips are kinda sticking to this thing and are starting to hurt.

Don’t use chap stick while playing because it can cause the reeds to stick, but do use it when you aren’t playing also drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and yes you will need to stay spitty.

Yeah, I take a quick break everynow and then to lick my lips…looks dumb, but it moves easier!


Here is my two cents worth!
Think about what you are doing when they stick and get sore! Most of the time for me, it is from biting or pinching down on the harp with the lips or pushing it deep in my mouth with too much pressure… I am guilty of that when I practice myself! The lips need to glide across the harp with a light touch. I have to constantly remind myself of that!

It’s the friction resulting from my spit getting on the harmonica, whick is fine, and then as my lips and the harmonica start to dry out there’s a sticky in-between not dry but not wet point that I find uncomfortable.

I’m struggling with this kids harmonica too, I think that’s part of it. It’s too small to hold and lip right. Maybe once I get something bigger it won’t be so bad.

In the great Myth Buster traditions of Jamie & Adam:

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

Meaning, we discussed this very topical subject here:


Meaning too, that anyone who places an object in their mouth and between their lips that isn’t related to the innate, instinctual processes which involve food and/or primal sustenance will/does have to learn and train their body, in part or in whole, to adapt and co-operate accordingly! It’s a fact, jack!

And everyone deals with it, from beginner to pro, for every blow/draw they take!

Hope this helps!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!”