In a case set of harmonicas,such as JP is offering,does the pitch of the harps go up or down from the C?

Harmonicas doesn’t range from C to B, they range from G to F. C is just the most common one. Adding the low keys you could say that they range from D to C as well.


d e f G A B C D E F g

The lower case letters being High or Low keys.

Maybe I asked my question poorly. Rephrased,The Special 20 5 pack keys go,C D E G A. Are the D E G and A higher pitched or lower than the C. Which I assume is middle C from a key board. Thanks.


d e f G A B C D E F g

The lower case letters being High or Low keys.

Huh? Which one is it? ::slight_smile:


Along with Kat’s fine illustration, all I can say and/or add MP, is that considering C as mid-range; harps sound/go higher from D to E and F being the highest.

The other way, since an actual B is never really used or called for in regular playing, it goes lower from Bb to A with G being the lowest.

There are low-tuned harps to be sure; yet I believe JP’s Spec20 sets will contain all the basics you’ll need and/or use.

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Okay - Since you posted while I was typing everything out –

In comparison to C as middle:

D & E is higher.

A & G is lower.

Great thing about harmonica is that regardless of which key you use, the music you play will always ‘line’ up any every diatonic harp you have. 1-10 Blow/Draw is 1-10 Blow/Draw regardless.

Hope this helps!

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Yes that is helpful. I was considering that the A would be unpleasantly high if they all progressed from C up. I’ve prayed to His Fatness for the five pack. He better.

There also are a LC, LBb, LLF, LG , HG That I am aware of. That LLF sounds cool!

LBb! Wow thats an obscure key. Who make it?

Did you say Low low F, Tyson? Woah! Where do I buy it?

SEYDEL has them, can purchase from

This package goes as follows (lowest key to the highest pitches key)

G A C D E (G is the lowest pitch and E is the highest pitched)
Using the chromatic scale this is how it goes from low to high starting on C.

C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B


Do you own this? If so are you pleased with your purchase?

Mikepipe, I have Special 20’s in every key Hohner makes and they are by far my favorite harps.


Thats encouraging,thanks!
Merry Christmas!

Let’s see in Spec20s, I have:

An A, Bb, C, D, E, Eb, F, Low F, and G. With a couple of unopened Cs as backups etc. – All the others get routinely and rotationally played.

So yeah, like Barry, I’d have to say I’m pretty pleased with my investment in them.

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