anyone ever heard of paltalk?

it’s a free voice chat app, but the cool thing is you can also play music on it. all you need is a mic and a source of sound. it sounds pretty good considering.

if anyone is interested i have created a room and we can get together and jam.

Yes, I’ve been to paltalk.

I joined with the invitation of our good friend Davey_G from Seamus’ chat room.

Thing is, when I downloaded the program, it also downloaded other programs I did not want on my computer. At the same time, when I tried to remove them, the programs wouldn’t let me.

So I ended up removing the entire downloads by doing a “Restore” on my computer.

Sure, you can create chat rooms; and most of it is free.

However, on the downside, only one person can transmit at a time. And there is no webcam function unless you want to pay for that.

Jams On Line is another site; yet after the initial trial period, you’ll have to pony up some bucks to continue.

Sure, both paltalk and jams on line are popular places to visit and use…as are Skype and Yahoo, I’m sure. However, I don’t use them either.

For my money then, Seamus’ chat room still has these places beat hands down!

Just one man’s opinion, eh?

Oh, and if you happen to run into Davey_G, say ‘hey’ from me! :smiley:

yes i am afraid the glory days of paltalk are long gone. i used it years ago and it was pretty cool. now i am sorry i started this thread LOL

Regardless of the topic/subject, it’s still cool looking at your banner! :slight_smile:

So as this thread won’t be a complete waste of our valuable time (mwuahahaha!) do feel free to post some more of your pics, 10-4!! :smiley:

I’m on Seamus’ chat room alot. Joseph (SPD) introduced me to it and I’m pretty much hooked. :wink: You should join us 10hf! I think you’ll enjoy it.