Part time security job ends with horrifying experience...

Hi and Happy New year! (tho its already too late for that)

I’m still on a holiday break from school so I got a part time job as a security guard.

Last week was my first day and… we had draws, I was unfortunate and drew a short straw, which means I get to guard at night (wooo hooo… seriously I was bored out of my freaking brains after the first night).

I was on guard duty and supposed to guard a school at night… nothing happened during the first night and it was boring. (I guess all the rumors about schools being haunted were false) I’m usually not afraid of anything and in school (a part from the band) I joined the army cadet so I’m used to night watching (the only difference is I’m only carrying a torch light and a Night Stick, not a machine gun)

A week later… was the most horrifying night I have ever experienced. I partnered up with a senior and he is a nice person (if he just stop telling me ghosts stories). This time… it was the hospital… and we were doing petrol in the place where you keep the dead… (why there of all places)

We finished our petrol and just resting in the security boot near “that” place. My partner fell asleep on the job and I was still wide awake (reason being he told me about a ghost that kills people when they slept and worst he told me most of his previous colleagues have fallen victim because they slept (>_<)) Ok, I admit I AM afraid of ghosts…

I was looking at the security camera when… a little girl with long hair and a white robe was standing in front of the camera. I could have sworn she was staring right at me…>_<

The next thing she did… she was walking through the wall. And then appeared at the next area, I went out of the security boot and take a look…

I felt something touching me from behind… something cold… and I turned I saw nothing and then…

and then…


Next day I woke up… was in the nurse’s room. To see my senior and my little sister laughing until they had tears in their eyes… it was a prank and it almost gave me a heart attack. (both my senior and sis insisted that there were the only ones that pulled the prank)

But what was that on the security camera?

Man alive…the prank of all pranks. Now that is awesome. lol
Speaking of amazing pranks…the senior class of this one school for the final prank, they took three pigs and spraypainted numbers on them. The first pig they painted a 1, the second pig they painted a 2, and the third pig they painted a 4. They let them lose in the school…the officials found 1, 2, and 4, and spent the rest of the day searching for the non-existant number 3!
Man…if only I was that smart. lol


I bet the school officials were pissed off after they found out that there were only three. Awesome!

Definitely sounds like a case for:
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr. (HQ Audio)

Can’t forget this classic!!! :o
Michael Jackson - Thriller [Official Music Video] King of Pop

Watch out for the dancing zombies!!

Harp On!!

Maybe I’ll get the shotgun ready… just in case :slight_smile: