Parts needed

I dropped my delta frost harmonica in the garage and cracked the comb. I couldn’t find a good deal on a set of reed plates in the original key, so I bought a different key reed plate set which came with the comb and I put my cover plates on it. Now I am looking for cover plates and a comb from a delta frost, or a suzuki bluesmaster or harpmaster. If anyone knows where I can find them, or happens to have a dead one of those harps they would like to sell, please let me know. I know Joe has lots of dead harps, but since he works on them with that Snap On hammer I’m not sure what’s left of his would do me any good. ;D

I had my 6 year old read my last post for practice reading, and he asked why I put in that smiley face. I told him it was a joke because I knew Joe said he always messed up his harmonicas and might as well fix them with a hammer. I explained that it was a little inside joke, and he said I don’t think Joe is going to be very happy about that. I told him I knew Joe would just laugh.
That boy cracks me up. ;D

Hi Greg,
I did make some progress…yippy…I actually succesfully tuned 3 harps. To paddy richter.
I probably destroyed a dozen but I’m improving …
Harp on.

That ability will probably save you some money, and make those fiddle tunes easier.

I have taken them apart to clean them, but I haven’t messed with any reeds yet. I’m going to start soon because I have a suzuki bluesmaster that chokes like crazy on the 2 draw that I have to fix to even make that harp useable. I’ll be opening up that gap and creating a useable harp, or making even less useable.

If it doesn’t go well I may need to borrow your hammer.

Checkout he might have the parts you are looking for, although i doubt he’ll have “Delta Frost” anything, as he hasn’t been able to get these harps for some time now. As for reed gapping the basic rule of thumb to use as a guideline is to set gap (distance between tip of reed and reedplate) to the same thickness as the tip of the reed you are working on, However I have found that the 2 reed as well as the 3 are a bit pesky and can take a bit more gap. Optimally to cut down on leakage you want your gaps as close as possible. but you still need them wide enough for the harp to respond when romped on and not choke. Remember to gap both the blow and draw in the same hole as one effects the other for bends.
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Hey super, thanks for the info. Ron doesn’t list any cover plates on his site but I may try contacting him to see if he has any.

I’ve been opening up the gap slowly on that harp and it is better, but not where I want it. I’m trying not to get impatient ;D.

At least when I opened it I was able to confirm that the gap was definitely not right to start with (I had begun to doubt my technique). The 1 draw reed and the 3 draw reed both had more gap than the 2 draw, and the 2 draw reed actually did not stick up out of the reed plate completely. The top side of the reed was exposed, but the bottom was slightly in.

Another idea for a suggested vendor who might have mouthcovers would be Turbo Harps.
Maybe ask the good doctor what becomes of mouthcovers after Turbo Lids etc. have been installed on harmonicas. If his company modifies complete harmonicas out of the box then it would seem logical he has a surplus of mouthcovers, just a thought. i have gone thru my stuff in the past and have successfully put Special 20 mouth covers on Herings and Suzukis with a modicum of difficulty, if you can get the leading edge of the mouthcover to ride in the slot on a sandwiched style harmonicas reedplate and line up the mounting screw holes you are almost home.
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