paulbunyn in Tennessee

Ok, here’s my story.
Dad was a Chromatic harp player and very good from what I’m told, played by ear.
He died when I was 6. I was always interested in his harps in the cedar chest that held his things but was NEVER allowed to touch his stuff but always knew I’d play it someday.
When high school came around I wanted to learn harmonica but was told by the teacher it wasn’t a band instrument and I had to pick something else. I learned tuba, trumpet,french horn and trumpet. I didn’t play well enough to be in the school band but I learned to read music and play a few basic songs.
I can’t remember how but I acquired Jon Gindick’s Harmonica for Musically hopeless but I figured that was for me! I bought the book with cassette and harp. learned to play single notes and a few basic songs and put it down. For several years I’d pickem up an play a little an put them down.
Now I’m commin up on 51 with a ruptured disc in both my neck and lower back. Been out of work almost 2 years because of it and have picked up harps to keep from going insane. I think Uncle Sam is waiting till I’m under the poor house to approve my disability. I had a piece of my hip put in place of the disc in my neck 3 weeks ago an figured I’d use the recovery time to practice but the neck brace and pain pills made that impossible. Almost back to normal with that surgery went well.
I play by tab and by ear only striaght harp,I can bend but not all and not with much control ( my challenge now), I want to learn improv and 2nd position (next challenge). Not lookin to be famous, jus wanna make others smile and tap their foot and maybe play a few hymns in church.
I 'm hoping when I get disability approved there will be enough to get JP’s lessons. I’m not holdin my breath as its been 2 years and their still stringing me along.

Well now u know me and my story. I’ll try to be shorter on my replies .
I would like to go ahead and thank all of you that take the time to share your knowledge and encouragement.

Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear about your back and neck that must be terrible :frowning:

I get up every day and complain that I have to go to work, I think maybe I should just thank the lord
for my good health (reasonable at least) and the ability, to go to work so I can support my family :smiley:

I’m sure you would love to get up and go to work. I pray you get yourself healthy and strong and one day play
them hymns in Church ;D ;D

I’m glad for now that you get satisfaction with playing your harp. It is a Whole Bunch of Fun to learn 8)

I look forward to practice every day.

Just yesterday right after Church I took my wife 2 kids and 1 grandchild to the fair. I didn’t touch my harp all day
till I got home at about 8PM. Hated that. Enjoyed the time at the fair but missed playing my harmonica and practice.

Also really love recording myself and putting on IPOD with a backing track. You should try that it’s lots of fun.

Well good luck to you PAULBUNYAN and get yourself health again, your still young. Or younger than me at least I’m 53 this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp on!!

I always liked driving through the Volunteer State, more so than Old Dominion Virginia.

From Knoxville on the East to Memphis on the West, makes for a nice long 400+ mile drive along the I-40 Music Highway corridor.

Only thing is, whoever designed the roads in say Nashville and Chatanooga certainly was hitting that Kentucky moonshine pretty damn hard! mwuahahahahaha!!!


Keep on Harpin’!

Hey! That’s my kin your talkin about in Chattanooga! Don’t think they ever built a road but they have been shiners for 5 generations. Wouldn’t be caught with that Kentucky water in their hand! Not that they wouldn’t drink it, you jus wouldn’t catch them. I live on the other side of the state in Hardeman Co. 2 counties east of the river. I’m a hobby wine maker myself, whisky’s to risky.
Nice to meet you and thanks for the responce.

Ooh, I’m a hobby home made wine drinker! :o

Am hoping to turn pro one day! :slight_smile:

Gotta have goals! :wink:

Bottoms Up! ;D

Keep on Jammin’!

I wish you were the Street Player Dame!
I could fall in love all over again and tolerate the harpin!

I wish you were the Street Player Dame

And who just might that be, pray tell?! ::slight_smile:

And we’ve had enough drag queen vids posted around here. :o

And no, I’m not posting my pic of when I went to bro’s halloween party dressed up as Pat Benatar and won the competition too, either! :-*

Keep on harpin’!

I’ll leave it at that since I’m not available and you’re not Pat Benatar! :smiley:

Ah okay – :-[

On both counts then – :’(


laters, yo!

Hey Paul,

Wow…what a journey it was to finally get a hold of that harmonica…

Sounds like destiny that you’re here with us harpers now…I feel inspired to hear your determination to learn…bring joy to people’s lives…and play music while you heal…

Your harmonica buddy,