PC programs for harps

Well, i wanted to know if there are programs that are like Bendometer out there, even if there are programs that can slow down the music without changing it ??

Ty and Have a blast with ur harp! :smiley:

There is and there’s a lot to choose from ;D

Check these 3 out, My favorite is the bottom one but after a free trial you have to pay for it
I think its like 70 bucks or so.

The bottom was cool because you can change tempo change keys record at effects pretty much anything ;D




There’s a free program witch slows down your music without chancing the pitch, It’s Best Practice, you will find it here: http://www.xs4all.nl/~mp2004/bp/

But the best program you can buy is still The Amazing Slow Downer (see the link above with Joe)

Have Fun, John