PDM57 a good alternative mic

Hello everybody!

I want to tell you about my experience with a mic I own and use everytime I play on stage… First I’m not a fan of amps and hi-z mic (eg: Bassman+Astatic, etc…): I like to play in the PA using knobs, especially the gain knob, and cupping to have a raw tone.

Well, the mic i use is the PDM57, which is just the cheap version of the Shure SM57… I tried both, but the PDM has a stronger, almost “crunchy” tone that fits perfectly the Chicago style… Well, it’s not the Astatic or the Unidyne 545 (I mean set on hi-z), but if you want a good sound and spend few money, I think this is a solution. The SM is smoother and it’s the best to amplify amps and wind instrument like flute etc… The PDM is cheap and rough and not… “hi-fi”, but it’s better for my purposes…

Of course, I play acoustic too, and in this case I use my vocal mic, a classic SM58 and I play one-two inch from it…

Does anyone use (and like) it?

Thank you!



I just bought a Samson Q2 vocal mic on ebay for $23 total. It was cheap enough, so I took a chance. I like it. It even has a -10dB switch to give it a little boost and another switch to eliminate rumble. Sounds good in a stand or hand held. Another Low-Z mic I have is an Electro-Voice M-43/U. Playing thru an amp, I think the low-z mics feedback less. I sometimes use a low to high impedence transformer.
I like playing thru my own amp, that way I have better control. Using the PA you have to rely on someone else getting you set up and they don’t like you messing with thier PA.