Peavey Classic 30

Just purchased a Peavey Classic 30 all tube amp. Would like to know if other members are using this amp and how they were setting it up.

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Honestly, truthfully I know nothing about amps; haven’t gotten that far along in my harmonica universe journey yet. :-[

But if this is what you have:

Looks great! :smiley:

And looks like others discuss it as well:

So good luck on this part of your quest, eh?!


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You didn’t mention which model Classic 30 you have, the 4 ten inch speaker model, or the 1 fifteen inch speaker model. The last time I saw Kim Wilson’s Blues Revue Kim was playing a four by ten Sonny Jr. amp, I was sitting at a table close enough to the stage to be able to ask requests of him (which he graciously accepted) I couldn’t help but notice Kim had a blond Peavey Classic 30 4X10 behind the Sonny Jr. He didn’t play it but I knew it was there just in case something went wrong with the Sonny amp.
A class AB amp with thirty watts of power can be a bit of a feedback dog. To eliminate this try using lower gainfactor pre-amp tubes, the 12AX7’s that are in it are rated with a gainfactor of 100% which the guitar signal needs to boost the weak pickup signal from the guitar to the power tubes. A microphone is much hotter than even the hottest “Humbucker” style guitar pickup. I sometimes use a 40 watt 4X10 speaker Fender Super Reverb, this too is a feedback monster, to cut the feed back I replaced the 12AX7’s with 12AU7’s which have a gainfactor of around 40%. I can go toe to toe with a Marshall stack now. I don’t know if your amp is “Cathode” biased, meaning tube swapping won’t hurt your amp. I have tube swapped every amp I own and haven’t hurt any of them to my knowledge whether they are cathode biased or not. I you can’t get up past 3.5 in volume you aren’t really driving the power tubes to a point of saturation which will give you that overdriven speaker tone we all relish. BTW I personally prefer 10 inch speakers over the fifteen inch. Sorry your post got lost in a spam war, I just noticed it.

I tried a 15" speaker for awhile and didn’t care for it. It seemed slow. The the only way I know to describe it.
I too agree you will probably need to swap those preamp tubes to a lower gain. Get different ones. There are ones from 20% to the 100% 12AX7’s. Experiment.
I know with swapping preamp tubes, it doesn’t matter about any of that bias stuff, because i’ve also done it on all of my amps. As far as power tubes go??? True with cathode biased amps you don’t have to worry, but with others? Most say you have to have the tubes rebiased. Some say it doesn’t matter. I’ve done it…and…well…on that one amp, I’m not sure. Could have been something else. It didn’t happen right away. Took awhile. Played fine one nite and the next time I plugged it in about a week later, there was a problem. Never had it looked at, just sold it.
I don’t know of anyone that has played harp through a Peavey, but hey it’s tubes. All you gotta do is play it and work out what works best volume wise with no feed-back. Sometimes a Low-Z mic works better at eleminating feed-back.

I should have mentioned the placement of the pre-amp tubes. The pre-amp tubes closest to the power tubes (Big Ones) are the ones that give the amplification factor(gain) to the power grid/tubes. This would be where to start if a tube swap is desired. John Kinder of Kinder Musical Instruments has produced the “Feedback Eliminator” they work great but are a bit costly. The gain/amplification factors (GF) for a number of pre-amp tubes are as follows: 5751, GF of 70. 12AT7 GF of 60. 12AZ7 Gf of 60. 5965 GF of 47. 12AY7 GF of 44. 12AV7 GF of 41.
5963 GF of 21. 6913 GF of 18. 6189 Gf of 17. 12AU7 Gf of 17. The numbers or letters are marked on side of the tube.

I’ve never run across a 12AZ7. And only recently I’ve seen a 12AV7. I know there can be a wide variety of numbers for basicly the same tube. Like 12AT7: 6201,6679,ECC81,6060,6671,7492,A2900,B309,CV4024,E81CC,QA2406 + more. It’s crazy. I found the lists on

A lot of these tubes have the same gain factors but different desgnations due to the age, country of origin, millitary or civilian. The same can be said for rectifiers, power tubes etc.