Peavey Session 400

I just acquired 1 of these. $125. Literature says it’s a purpose design for steel guitar and 200watts. Solid state with a 15" Black Widow.

I bought it from a non-musician who knew nothing about it and I test drove it outside on his front porch with my trusty SM58. I thought it might have potential, his 20 month old daughter thought it was the coolest thing she had ever seen or heard (I’m sure she would have been dancing if she knew how to walk a little better) and they looked like they could use the rent money so I bought it. I don’t have buyer’s remorse, but I do have feedback.

An authoritative drunken harmonica player once told me that the only time you have to worry about feedback is when you stop playing, but I am hoping to find a more practical solution. After a little more experimentation and maybe knowledge, I will write Peavey and see if they can recommend a fix. Their tech support is legendary, they may already have a fix.

Any suggestions y’all might care to offer are appreciated.

At the price you paid it is a good investment. At 200 watts with a 15" speaker and being solid state, I know of no way of quieting the feedback other than turning it way down. Maybe you can trade it for a tube amp, and then we can talk tube swapping to quiet the feedback. I seriously doubt its potential as a harp amp.

I did not include that I am a fan of old Peaveys and have been playing (mostly happily) through a Peavey VTX Heritage without any mods for 20+ years. I have encontered the solid state feedback before and it just about scared me away from the Session 400, but the Heritage has a S/S pre-amp so I thought I might visit S/S again. The Heritage has 4 6L6’s in the post amp pushing 2 12" Scorpions and gets quite loud before feedback becomes an issue, but I am not turning it up past 3. I am interested in what I might be able to change in the tube department to be able to drive them a little harder. Pre-amp saturation is S/S, but it’s got a phaser and reverb after that which gives me some sound options I like.

After reading some of the posts here I think I will try an SM57. I have several mic options, but I always come back to the SM58 and I think I might like a 57 even better. If I can stay clear of small stages, maybe even get outdoors, and get a respectable distance away from the Session 400, I think it may be a keeper.

I think I might need help. I acquired a DigiTech RP-350 today for $50. Craigslist.

I can set this thing up to sound like a '59 Bassman, or so it says. I suppose if it does, 200 S/S watts will probably drive a 4x10 (or 12 :o cabinet).

Pedals have come a long since the DOD distortion, delay and chorus pedals I picked up in Hong Kong 25 years ago and $50 is probably about what I spent for them. I have been playing with this thing for 2 hours. I hope the noise gate will work for me. It seems to be one of the more complicated settings.