Photographing Harmonicas

One of my passions I’ve enjoyed since school days is photography. Nearly went that way for a career - still want to!

Anyway - I now have a new subject to photograph with lots of shiny metal - a notoriously difficult material and one I don’t have a huge amount of experience. Anyway - here’s my first effort fresh from tidying up in Photoshop.

Anyone got any goon good ones of theirs?

I think it’s a very nicely done photo.

And no, I don’t have any good pics.

Why thank you Charles. Just uploaded the next one,

Wow Hohner could use that in there advertising beautifully done.
nice job.

what kind of camera

Harp On!!

The 2nd pic was playing with my mind i thought it was a tremolo harp at first then I could see it
was the reflection.

Boy you should definitely pursue this hobby and make it a career you got some talent.

Harp ON!!

I think Joe is correct. You do have some talent for this.

Camera is a Canon EOS 450D, Cheap YN460-II flash, but it’s an intesting subject because it’s so much smaller than anything else I normally do. I did a range of colours on the firstone, red, green, blue, gold, they all look good but the gold one looks the best and most realistic.

Still having to work on the breathing excercises though! Adjusted the no. 1 draw reed yesterday because it was really hard to draw on it, so I’ve opened it up a little and it’s much easier to play now. And I can’t tell any loss of volume.

Really cool pics. Good job.