SPD or Chris, I want to put a picture on profile. How does it work? Try to upload, but it won’t take. ?

Yes please, me too, as I want to add a picture.

Be slow and careful and quite specific with lots of detail. I see Joe F. does it so it really can’t be that hard. But Joe is a fast learner.

I know how to take a picture & store in my computer but thats about as far as I can get!! I tried once before to post a picture on another forum but the size was huge & I didn’t know how to shrink it?

Tyson if I figured it out you can too.

Get Mrs Tyson to take a picture of you and put it into your computer taking note where it is filed.

Go to the profile section and hit on ‘I will upload my own picture’ and click on the links and voila it happens.

That’s how Mike!

Mr Harry S Truman aka Dave T is correct! :slight_smile:


You’ll need some software to resize the image. One free one is Picasa.


Alternately you can email me the picture and I’ll resize it and send it back to you.

Doesn’t work for me, David T. Picture is jpeg, does it need to be somethig differant?


Jpeg works…as my logo is Jpeg.

Perhaps it’s too big, as in k bytes.

Try a couple of different pics from your computer.

The one that works will be the size you need.

Keep us posted!

Tyson. you will just have to pedal a bit faster on that computer of yours.

The picture I loaded was a jpeg.

Pleeez don’t ask me to explain it just happened - like magic!