Played in front of people today

I went to an open Jam today at a local store that is owned by a musician. The guitar player there had heard me play harmonica about a month before when he was there. He insisted I play, so I ended up playing with another musician for the first time ever in front of about 10 people. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine no one else was there ;D.

They all said I did great, so hopefully that is true. We’ll see if they ask me to play next time I show up and then I’ll know for sure ;). I did a train train intro, Mannish boy, and we did Roadhouse Blues. I wish it was recorded so I could review it, but I guess I won’t be as nervous next time and I may recall it better. I may try to record it with my MP3 player.

Awesome! Absolutely a step in the right direction, a step on stage!

Record yourself sometime, I’d like to hear you!

Peace Out!


Excellent - well done to you, ;D

Thats got to be one of the big goals of anyone who plays the harmonica, as one who is still learning, Ive got a loooong way to go to get to that stage.

keep up the good work.

Congratulations! Baby steps. My first time not in front of family or my harmonica club (or open mic at a harmonica festival) was at an old-car show when an older man who’d been chatting with me about harmonicas insisted I go up to play America the Beautiful with him in front of a very large crowd (it was a holiday weekend). I’m always terrified --could never play in front of a single soul before - yet in that moment I had no fear at all - didn’t notice the crowd and accompanied him as if I’d been doing it forever without any prep (I play chromatics). It’s SO much easier with another human there. Keep doing that until you feel relaxed enough to go solo. Nobody gets there overnight. :slight_smile: