Playin' the Blues in upstate NY

Hello there!
I went googling for an answer to a question I had, and thankfully found this place!
Glad to be aboard!

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Hey, @BluesHarp! Welcome to the forum. It seems to have been active some years back, then sort of faded away, but has now been revived!! :+1:

At any rate, I hope that it not only remains active but that the participation grows. I’m thinking about what I can contribute and how I can spur some more exchanges. Maybe my old brain will come up soon with something! :thinking:

Glad that you have joined and looking forward to hearing anything that you have to ask about or to contribute to the forum. :sunglasses:

– Slim

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Right on @BluesHarp, welcome to the forum. Happy to have you here. Rock on…

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Hi BluesHarp: Good to have you with us.

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Well thanks, @Slim, @Luke. and @NinoMalo!
I started playing in '68 and I’m still learning new things and at this stage in life, forgetting things I used to know! Sure glad I found this place. No idea how I never found it before. I mean, c’mon.
The url is kind of a no brainer if you play. :smirk:


Hey Blues Harp,
I was born and raised in the Binghamton area. Just started playing a couple of months ago but cant seem to put it down I always have my harp with me and play it whenever I can. Just saw the Upstate New York thought I would reach out.