Playing a plastic toy harmonica

SPD, I know you are always talking about your cheap Piedmonts. I thought you might appreciate this, if you haven’t seen it already:
Playing the Blues on a Toy

Poor little homeless French girl…

Wish I would have known…

I’d’ve put her up no problem…

And we’d have ourselves a cool Toy Harp & Piedmont Jam!

Rock on, yo!

Your fantasizing again SPD lets stay focused LOL

Harp On!!

SPD stop your fantasies. Christelle already is taken and she is moving far away(from you) to Australia during the next month. Understand she will be residing with her partner in Sydney. And I think there will be any number of Harmonica manufacturers clamboring to keep her supplied with their latest and best model harps. I think she now is playng Suzuki Manjis or is it Seydel 1847 or both?

One’s entitled to dream, ain’t one?!

Good for her…but she’ll be back…some day…sigh!



I HAD TO DO IT!!! I was in a music store and spotted the $2.95 plastic harmonica bowl. Hmmmm-mine is OK, but it doesn’t sound like hers. Interestingly, it is a nice little harmonica.

She makes that thing sound good!

That’s it, I’m selling all my Lee Oskars and buying toy harps. ;D Really though, a lot IS about the musician and not the instrument. I’ve known guys with some pretty expensive guitars that couldn’t play near as well as I could on my $250 buck Yamaha FG720S or my $199 buck Takamine GS330S cedar top(I loved that guitar).
Of course how long a “toy” harmonica will last is a totally different question but she sure can get the sound out of it. That’s for sure.

Christelle certainly has the lips for the toy harps, and whomever her new galtoy girl friend is now. :-*

But er um, nevertheless…

I still have my first set of Piedmonts; and I still like them (and Christelle) just the same! :wink:


“Have Harp, Will Travel!”

Holy Smokes!

She CAN play that thing with ease! Next time I am in a music store I am going to try it!


That harp looks exactly like the ones they passed out in Houston when we tried to break the record for most harmonicas played at one time. Hers doesn’t have the writing on it about the record attempt, but looks the same. It’s a Chinese made Hohner. They come in several colors, mine is green. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t sound like hers ::slight_smile:

Well she did say she worked on like 3 or 4 holes. I saw a fish bowl full of them on the counter at the music store in a rainow of colors for around $5.