Playing "Positions"

OK, Ive been really working on this whole ‘positions’ thing and I think I’ve finally got it!

First position: Standing… used mostly for performing, especially if the number being played is pretty upbeat, therefore requiring more body and foot movement. This is particularly helpful when playing by memory.

Second Position: Sitting…used mostly for practice, particularly when using tabs to become familiar with a song.

Third Position: Reclining…sitting on the porch with your foot propped on the rail, playing something sweet, lowdown and bluesy.

I’m still working on the other position but will keep you posted with my progress. :wink:

Hey, JF! Here is the best explanation I’ve heard yet!!!


Finally finally harpman does it I’ve been forever trying to figure that out.

harp man!!

Harpman finally cracked the code! Yay!

Guess then we’d have to add:

Fourth Position: Sleeping…Playing the tunes in your dreams thinking you’re the greatest thing since swapping out screws for brad nails on reed plates. Only to awaken and find you’re back to 1-3 Positions afterall.

Fifth Position: Drinking…Usually measured in quarts, liters, and shot glasses - either straight up or with chasers. Helps make 1-3 Postions seem irrevelant; and eventually if done well and long enough gets you right back to 4th Position anyways!

Rock on, yo!!

I didn’t realize how adept I already am at those first three positions.
I use 1st to get myself into 2nd and 3rd. That’s chord progression, right?


Ain’t all too familiar with them there southern terms, BB, y’now seeing as how I’m a true blue northerner and all…

So like would your chord progression stuff have anything to do with say yanking one’s chain??

Just wondering…

Well for a true musician, chord progression is just the moving (hopefully gracefully) through the chordal accompa…accompini…accom…from one chord to another (you know where I stole that), prayerfully seeking to end on a good restful tonic (no, don’t head for the kitchen for a good restful tonic). But for me, the chords I’m thinking about are the ones they made my Pawley’s Island Hammocks out of. With a gentle breeze on a good warm day, I almost think I’m back at Grandmama DeAntonio’s on the island, hanging between the two palmettos in the front yard, listening to the surf crash and the gulls holler. Now THAT’S what I call a chord progression.
I bet JP can AMEN that!