Playing several types of harmonica...

Hi, people. I just wanted to ask you something about playing different harps… For example, I have bought Hohner Marine Band ©, Hohner Special 20 (G) and Hohner Pro Harp (A), and I play them all on gigs, but sometimes it is hard to play, for example, Hohner Pro Harp after Marin Band one, because they are not same… I want you to tell me if you have a problem like this and how did you solve it, because I like them all, and I don’t know which type would fit me most, if I had to choose one type only. I come from Montenegro, so I don’t write English perfect, I am sorry if I made any mistake.


Halo Pekom!

Nice to hear you’re doing gigs! Are these solo events or with a band?

Also, you may find interesting information here to help answer some of your questions:

Take your time going through it, I write a lot! :slight_smile:

As far as your English goes…Please no apologies, my friend! It’s quite good and understandable.

Truth be told, lots of Americans here in the States have trouble with English as their First Language! {“Swamp People” on the History Channel, anybody?! :o Mwuahahahahaha!!!}

So we’re happy to have you here!

Please enjoy and feel at home!


Paç fat, Peckom!

ive thought about that also,different hole spacing,and things on different harps,I mostly have Lee oskars, but ive had a couple star performers that i like ,and ive had a couple blues benders befor i bent them to much :slight_smile: and each one was a little different,I guess you can either buy all the same harp type or get used to playing all of em,thats all i know,Even with my Lee oskars,playing a song with my D is alot different than my G,Im just now trying to learn how each key feels ,that i have,I spent most my time in the last year or so,On either a C or Bb,Now with a new study plan im using the A harp and G harp which i like because it lets me learn those keys better.