Playing single notes the right way.

Hi, just wondering, how do you play single notes? My cheeks kind of cramp up after my first attempt… Are there anything that I should avoid doing when playing single notes? Any recommended practices?

Push harp farther in your mouth so you lose the pucker. Tip the back of the harp up little. Your bottom lip will form a “V” that blocks the holes to either side of the hole you are trying to hit.
Hope this helps.

Paul is right on with that here’s a video with JP explaining it.
Harmonica Lesson for Beginners: Single Note Exercise

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Well lip blocking single notes is one thing; lip pursing/blocking is another. In both you’ll still have to find, be aware of, and use your ‘center.’

What does that mean?

Kindly have a gander through this:!-(a-whistle-goes-a-long-way!)/

Hope it helps, Jimmy.

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