Playing to yourself

Does anyone know if there is a device you can put on a harmonica so that only you can hear what you play?
Trying to find a way to play as my wife watches tv or is in bed , without her complaining.
Guess I could go outside.

I don’t know why I held onto this link…

It may not help, but it’s worth further investigation…maybe! ::slight_smile:

Good Luck Though!

We’ll keep looking! :slight_smile:

Very interesting, but I don’t think that’s what he meant. ;D

Hey deerstalker,

I have always wished for the same thing. I find it difficult to practice with people around. I think a completely silent electric or MIDI harp that could be used with headphones would be the solution. Check this out:

These harmonicas have built-in pickups…but I don’t think they are completely silent. The problem is, they have reeds…and reeds make the noise. I think the solution lies in building a harmonica which doesn’t have reeds. But what’s a harmonica without reeds??

I’ll just practice in my car until they come up with a good solution! :slight_smile:

That’s crazy! :smiley:

  • Ashish
But what's a harmonica without reeds??

Oh I don’t know Ashish - this:

Not there’s a time whose idea has come, eh?! ::slight_smile:

Keep on Harpin’ er um should I say Arpin’! ;D

I have not yet figured out how to do anything without eliciting complaints from my wife, so I’m afraid you’re on your own here ;D

{{{Channeling Ed McMahon}}} Hiii-Yoooooh!

Mwuahahahhaha!!! :smiley:

Must still be newlyweds at it then, eh, JF? Give them time then, give them time… ;D

“Well dear if you don’t want me here practising my harp, I guess I’ll just go to the bar and get hammered”. See which one she chooses ;D

Deerstalker, I have the same problem. I’ve looked for some kind of mute. I can’t find anything that will soften the sound.

For you, Mc…??

Might suggest a well positioned pillow over your…

Well I’ll leave the rest up to you! ;D

{Sorry, just one of them days today! ::)}

Rock on, yo!

From a pedagogic point of view it would actually be beneficial for you to find a place where you can practice in peace for an hour or two instead of playing every now and then at home. If you have a shed, a basement, or even just a car, make it your practice room. This way when you go there to practice your brain will eventually start preparing for playing, you will be able to concentrate better, learn faster and so on.

Oooh (drool) a new word/phrase used here:

From a pedagogic point of view

Definitely a very well said and presented inkhorn explanation, Kat! :wink:

Rock on, yo! :slight_smile:

Put on some really thick gloves and cup it.

Take the reed plates out put it back together and
play air harmonica.

Harp On!!

And they can all be stored in here:

Thanks for the laugh and the plug SPD.

In all seriousness I would like to build a small soundproof “recording studio” so I could play in there and not be disturbed, or disturb anyone, but I’m honestly afraid to even research how to build it or have it because I’m afraid I’ll wind up on some FBI watch list.

Well I did it for you, G-Man!

Don’t be so paranoid…

Just make sure your moonshine still is well hidden;

And if any Black Suits from Aliens Inc. show up knocking on your door –

Just tell them to look for SPD!

I can be reached at: 1 (800) 555-BR54 ext. 9


hey deerstalk.
i understand what you are going through.
my third day of a brand new harmonica with j.p disc
wife said its annoying???

Hi Pat my wife’s the same way
Got to find a place to practice.

Thank God I’ve got my Snap On Truck/Music studio ;D ;D

Harp on!!