please, take a look at often does this happen?

Alright, here’s the deal: I have a friend who just went to Florida and, since i’m not from the US, i asked him to buy me a Marine Band. Well, he did it and i just got it to me…as you guys know, it came on this beautiful box and I got really excited with it. My first harmonica in G…so far so good. But, i noticed something was wrong…i took a picture so you guys can see what i’m talking about! Is that normal?! I mean, it’s obviously wrong but, i thought i could just simply trust this brand (after all, it’s a 40 dollars harmonica) and ask a friend to buy it without the need to check it. And since i live in south america, there’s no way i can return it on the store…i just wanted to know, have you seen that kind of flaw before? Sorry for my bad english…hope you can help me out with any sort of idea…thanks!

Is this how it came out of the box? If so contact Hohner customer service. It looks like you have alot of moisture in there. I’ve never seen one that bad before. I usually seal mine before playing them.

Seeing as you’re not in a position to pop over to the store and replace it, Plan B is to tale a very sharp razor or knife and shave the wood down.

I prefer to play harps with plastic combs just to avoid this common wood-combed harmonica issue.

Interesting. I have a similar issue with my new Marine Band which is my first harmonica. I didn’t check for this when I bought it, and only discovered that the comb sticks out just a smidgin at the 4 and 5 holes. I threw away the sales docket, so I guess I can’t return it.

However, it’s not nearly as bad as in the pic above. I can play with mine without fear of shredding my lips. But I’ve learned to not buy harmonicas online, instead I go to a shop so that I can visually inspect before purchase. I did that with my other Marine Band.

There’s been a few people complaining about quality control issues with the Hohner harps. Maybe this defects are quite common.

Your MB has a pear wood comb which is subject to swelling
and CRACKING. I love them, but this is a disadvantage we
have to take with the good.
This effect is caused by swelling. It’s pretty typical though
not to this extent. With this much swelling I would worry about
cracks inside where they can’t be easily seen.
Contact Hohner who should be willing (if you have the original
receipt) to make this good.
I thought Hohner had a presence in South America. Check and see.
You do have a reputable harmonica manufacturer in SA.
I believe Hering did manufacture in SA.
Try this email and website. I haven’t tried them, but I copied and pasted
from another site.
I thought there was another SA harmonica brand, but it eludes me.


Hello, Gyoung.

DO NOT shave or cut off the extended “tines” (hole dividers) with a razor or other device. Set the harp aside, on a shelf, for 2-3 days, with the holes facing up. The harmonica will dry out, and the tines will shrink back to their regular position. The same swelling- shrinking process will happen again.

If you cut off the extended tines to the reed plate line, you will destroy the playability of the harmonica, and the high compression of the reeds in the chamber. The tines will shrink to their regular position, but they’ll be shorter. This will make the harp very breathy (air leakage).

DO NOT apply any liquids to your wood combed harmonica for cleaning. Wood swells, cracks, chips, peels
when wet or when drying out, some times leaving a crack or split, making the harmonica breathy, hard to use.

If your harp is new, return it to the Hohner repair facility in your country. They will fix or replace it,
free of charge, you pay the return postage. The warranty is for 60 days, you’ll need your purchase receipt: Phone: 1-804-591-3745; 1-800-446-6010; 1-804-515-1900 (Glen Allen, Virginia) (German headquarters); Phone: ++4974425-20-343 (Trossingen, Germany)

Best Regards

John Broecker

This member is in South America. Hohner USA probably won’t be a help.