Pocket full of Soul

Anyone seen this…

A Pocket Full of Soul - www.12FREEMUSIC.com
“Pocket Full of Soul” - Harmonica documentary narated by Huey Lewis

maybe you’ve all seen it in the US but I haven’t…

I love the quote “You can’t lay it down and forget it because it won’t come get you - you have to go get It.”

That was pretty cool, I never saw that before.

I liked it especially at the end when Bob Dylan is
asking his audience, "does anyone have an “E” Harmonica and to throw them up ;D ;D

Harp On!!

very cool !

Who was the guy the said, “It will help you get laid.”? It’s 4:30 am right now and I had to try hard not to laugh when I heard that and wake everyone else up.

Blues Traveller wasn’t it? Not my fave player, has to be said.

“Harmonica will get you laid” HAHAHA! Thats good! Now about the bagpipes…

So where can I see this documentary?

Check out the new post on this site titled,“Pocket Full of Soul”. Its very short and I wonder if it is a edit.

I think it’s the trailer. Love to see the whole thing though. 8)

There is a site called,Pocket Full of Soul,I emailed them about seeing the whole documentary but have not yet received a replay. The site also has online tutorials and harp related things of interest.

Mikepipe if possible could you post the web site. ??? ???

Harp On!!

www.pocketfullofsoul.com I’ll also post any responses I get from them.