Polish greenhorn says hello!

Hey there I am Wojtek (pronounced Voitec ;)), I am from Poland and I got my harp from my girlfriend in exchange for an iPod ;D It sounds funny, the truth is it’s always been my little dream to learn to play. So I started! About 2 months ago. And partly thanks to JP I’m making big steps to achieve perfection! Just kidding. I just like to chill out sometimes, and I found harmonica is just another way I can blow my soul out and let it fly for a little, even if I can’t play that well yet. The feeling is comparable with my another hobby - kitesurfing - it just amplifies your sense of freedom. Well, that would be it from me - Big HI guys and girls!

Howdy Huvin <<<pronounced Huvin?! IDK…Am just trying here…Hehehe!>>>

Cool story!

BTW: I like to ride my bike around town playing my harmonica. I got a holder, but it was too small for around my neck, so I have to get another one. Yet with the harmonica in one hand and steering with the other, the wind blows through the reeds with music of its own.

Might be something to try while kite surfing, eh?


“Have Harp, Will Travel!”


Kitesurfing…I’ve heard of it, and it sounds like fun!

Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!

Peace Out!


Hehe, Huvin is a nickname and you pronounce it just like that!
Surfing and harping? Sounds so abstract! Definately worth trying! Although salty water does not sound like something that harmonica likes ^^ (btw:what you say sounds fun, I must try it). And yes, if you’ll ever have a chance try to kiteboard!
What I forgot to add is that I am 20 y.o. and I study medicine.
Thanks for warm welcome!

Hey Wojtek,

thanks for your post, and for taking the leap. I wonder if kitesurfing and harmonica could be done simultaneously, with a harmonica holder perhaps.
Have fun!

Your harmonica buddy,