Posting pics?

Okay. I’m not a computer genius. I’ve posted pics on other forums that use other formats than this so I’m not a complete idiot either (maybe just half an idiot). I wanted to post a photo on the thread about harmonica cases. When I click on the insert image tab, I get an . What do I do with that and how do I get my image from my desktop to the forum?

If I’m not mistaken, and I’m no expert either - But I believe the image has to have some other net source in order to post pics.

I do know that you can post a profile pic directly from your computer folder(s) - Just not sure how to go about it with the images…

Am sure others here can help you though!


Okay, Joe. You posted a pic but didn’t tell me how.

Sent u a Personal message i wish I could make pic smaller this was a pic of a guy in hawaii pretending to be a statue…

Another picture of the beautiful scenery in Hawaii…wish I knew how to
make the pictures fit the window…

harp On!!

had to scroll around past the lawn chair furniture…but was worth it…hehehee!!!

You see what JP’s got to look forward to every day in paradise…LOL

I store my pics up at, Put them in a folder marked public, move cursor to the
pic i want and there’s an upside triangle click on it, Highlight copy public link, come back here
to the forum then paste the picture in message highlight the link and click the pic icon above…

Preview and it should be there

Harp On!!

Thanks, Joe. I didn’t notice I had a PM. I thought I had it set to send me an email notice of any PM’s but I guess I don’t. I’ll have to check on that. I’ll check out dropbox later when I have more time. Now I need to go package up some stuff I sold on ebay. Later.