Practice in silence!

I find myself needing to practice some tunes with backing for church and I’m in a situation where I would be disturbing others or keeping them awake if I play.
So I decided to take the reed plates out of one of my harps just to go through the motions of playing as I listen to the backing through ear phones.
I was amaized at how often I found myself rushing the timing and didn’t notice while I was playing with a functioning harp. Now when I play for real with the backing music it sounds soooo much better.
Just thought I would share an AH-HA moment with yall.
I know if I’m gonna play with backing music for a crowd I’m gonna do some practice with a dead harp. It really helps, even just going through the motions when learning riffs and you won’t bother a soul.

Interesting, PB!

If memory serves correctly, in the movie “Running on Empty” River Phoenix continually ‘played’ his piano fingering exercises everywhere besides the ivories. By the time he sat down to the keyboard, he just let his fingers do the work:
Running on Empty-River Phoenix(旅立ちの時)

Am sure BB as a trumpet player too will attest to the technique of ‘playing’ songs soley through the mouthpiece to strengthen one’s embouchure and mouth/lip muscles.

So now if I can ‘drive’ a big truck without the motor in it and still get payed, I just might be encouraged to actually go back to work in them! Oh well, I can dream can’t I?! Hehehehe!!


Keep on harpin’!

Instead of taking the reed plates out, why not just get a piece of wood the same size and shape? Just asking ???

Well I never tried blowing and drawing through a solid block of wood – But then I don’t have super lungs or super lips there either, Super Ty-Man! :o

Just saying… :stuck_out_tongue: