Pro harp help

Hello everyone,

I recently went to the store and picked myself up a hohner pro harp. I usually play thunderbirds and blue midnights, but against my better judgment I decided to role some dice and try something new.

So anyways I take it home start playing it and man does it have some serious problems. Everything seems impossible to bend and It just go flat every time I play it. It really hard to blow in and out Too. It just seems unresponsive. I’ve played this harp no more than an hour total and I’ve been delicate with it rough with it and I just can’t get any sound out of her that I like. It’s in G. I’m I used to A. I feel like I’m going crazy and I’m missing something.

My question I guess would be Has anyone else had this problem with this harp or is it just me. Anyone have any advice as to what is going on with her. I’ve been playin a long time and haven’t really experienced anything like this from a brand new harp.

I would guess it needs gapping. But if you do it the company won’t take it back or exchange it. I would call the company and tell them the problems you are having. It’s not unheard of for them to just send you another harp.