hey everybody i am a new member, my english is very very bad so sorry , here is my problem:i can’t hold the harmonica properly when i am using the deep relaxed embouchur my upper lip covers all the upper cover plate so there is no place left for my index finger and thumb to hold the harmonica
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does this make this a BIGBIG Problem? LOL I don’t think so!!!
Actually you are doing things right! You allow only as much room as necessary for your finger to ride along the back edge of the harp and against the lip just enough to make a seal to create that muffled tone sound and maybe a few other tricks I haven’t learned yet. If you will notice Videos of the pros playing, their hands change to several different positions to create different effects.

hey thank you very very much paulbunyn for you answer and i am very sorry for the very late replay but i definitely can’t play the harmonica correctly when i am holding the harp using the standard grip. because my upper lip is being deformed by my index finger while i am “playing” so is there something i can do to solve this ploblem
please reply and thanks

Just back off a little and give your finger just enough room to do it’s job and let your lip have the rest. Go with the flow! Once you figure it out you’ll be asking yourself why you were making it so hard!

i have the same problem but due to healthy reasons and I try not to stiffen myself and play for fun; the more you stiffen yourself the worst it gets I think