Problems w/ bending

Hey y’all…

I am trying to learn to bend…and am doing OK, but right now my biggest problem is that when I bend a low note, my volume skyrockets. Anyway I can bend quietly?
Also…is bending a high note (7,8,9,10) the same as bending a low note? 'Cause I can’t bend those at all.


when I bend a low note, my volume skyrockets. Anyway I can bend quietly?

I don’t know what you consider loud…

Considering you are probably using more in-breath pressure to initially find the bends – Once your reeds adapt/adjust to your way of playing; and you find you can reach them easier – Then there should be no difference in volume between regular draws and bend draws. bending a high note (7,8,9,10) the same as bending a low note? 'Cause I can't bend those at all.

There is virtually no such thing as bending the 7 - blow or draw. Discounting such things as those exceptionally tricky overblows/overbends – for all intents and purposes then, the 8,9,10 bends are achieved by blowing, not drawing.

Hope this helps!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Thanks for the help bro!
Lol…no wonder it’s hard to bend ‘7’…
I think I am getting it!


I have been having the same problem bending and the volumn and the tone didn’t seem quite right either. I decided to give it a rest and work on something else.
I started playing the second position scales and go for speed and hitting single notes and note worry about the tone just yet.
Once I got to hitting one hole at a time I accidently hit that 2&3 hole bend and it sounded good! As I studied what I was doing I would discribe the embrosure as sipping hot coffee from a travel mug with lid on, top lip forward to avoid the burn and bottom jaw pulled back more than dropped down and pulling the air up behind the top teeth and over the bottom teeth and the tongue pulled down and back but not strained. This feels comfortable to me and sounds great.
I hope this different discription helps someone. Like I said I was playing the scales and going for speed and single holes when I stumbled across this.
I played and practiced a long time to learn to bend and another 4 months to get it right.
Best of luck to those facing this hurdle!

Yeppers, PB!

Now you’re learning!

When anyone has difficulty with a technique, it’s best to give it a rest and move onto something else i.e. tunes, single notes, scales, etc. and then come back to it.

Took me three plus months to get the Deep 2 and Mid 3 bends; but once you get them, you wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place! Hehehehe!

Yeppers! Good job!

Rock on, yo!

Hope these help. The Good Doctor :slight_smile:

Listen to bloozhead! He should know how to get bent!

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