Problems with traditional shaped harmonicas

This maybe a total n00b question, but I cannot find any answers on the web.

My first harp was a Honer Special 20, and it rubbed the little skin web area between my thumb and forefinger raw. The comb has a bit of an edge and I attributed it to that and bought a Suzuki Bluesmaster (rounded case). Problem solved and I like the Suzuki sound better. But being new, I decided to try out various harps until I had an idea what the differences were.

So my latest purchase is a Lee Oskar, again with the boxcar design. I love the sound of it, but it is rubbing the hell out of the skin between my thumb and forefinger, similar to the Special 20.

I hate to give up on the Lee Oskar because it sounds great. So what am I doing wrong that the standard shape harmonicas are beating up my fingers? ???


Get an emery board and file the edges off on the ends of the plastic comb. Makes a world of difference.

And then smooth it down with a finer grit sandpaper.

It sounds to me like you are gripping the harp too tight.