Question about odd sound

I’m a beginner hoping for a little advice. I just got a new Hohner MB Crossover (G) and found a strange sound on the 2-hole draw. I can play the note, but it’s intermittently accompanied by a fluttering, flappy sound. I don’t know if it’s me, or the harp.
I made a short recording:
It feels like there’s something else moving besides the appropriate reed. In the recording that’s one smooth draw. Note - I intentionally tried to get the odd sound, not for the note to sound good :wink:

Anyone know what that is? Any advice is appreciated.

Hmm…might be the reed is loose…

Its only that single note? All the rest are fine?

Have you taken it apart to look at it?


Could you be drawing too hard and the reed hitting the cover. Can you play it in such a way that it doesn’t make that sound?

I’m not a lot of help because I don’t own that expensive of a harp yet.

Howdy CZ!

Could’ve stood to hear just a little more…

Yet going with BT and G-Mans suggestions, you’ll have to remove the covers and do some tests of elimination.

  1. Remove the Top Blow Side cover first. Play 2 Draw. Does it still make the sound?

  2. Put Top cover back on; remove Bottom Draw side cover. Play 2 Draw and listen for the sound.

  3. Remove both covers; play again and listen for the sound.

You may find the sound on 1, but probably not 2 & 3.

With both covers off, plink the 2 Draw Reed with a toothpick or something similar to see if it is loose or cracked. A sharp vibrating sound will be right; a dull plunk thud sound will not be.

If all is okay, check the gap ratio on the 2 Draw Reed, and also the 1 Reed.

You may have to close them down slightly. (Search through our members’ maintenance topics on how to do this.)

Put both covers on, reassemble and play the harp again. Does this make a difference?

If so, problem solved.

If not, the Draw 2 (and even Draw 1) reed can be hitting the cover.

As a final resort, remove the covers; and with a thin slice of surgical/medical tape using an exacto knife, razor blade or something similar, on the Draw reed(s) carefully affix the strip lengthwise from below the tip free end and just above the rivet closed end.

At the same time, with your thumb and fingers or even a small jeweler’s hammer or something similar, you’ll have to push out or reshape the bottom cover slightly from the inside out where the 1/2/3 Draw reeds sit. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to remold this part of the cover, as you don’t want to bend it out of shape whereby you can’t screw it back together. In any event…

Reassemble and play again.

This should solve the problem.

The tape acts as a reed dampener and keeps it from vibrating up to the cover; and it will not affect the overall sound of the reed.

In the final analysis: If the reed plunks when you plink it, it’s a bad reed, and needs to be replaced. If it plinks, and works after you dampen it and reshape the cover, it’s a rather common occurrence, especially during the Hohner manufacturing phase.

Same thing happend with my Golden Melody G until I fixed it.

So don’t quote me, but perhaps 1 in 1000 or 1 in 5000 or more harmonicas have been known to do this; and it’s really no big deal to correct.

Good luck!

Hope this helps!

Keep On Harpin’!

Thank you to all for the replies, very helpful.
Street Player Dude - Double thanks for the detailed instructions. I’ll try as you suggest this evening.

Hello again. Well, the reed is definitely hitting… something. After trying all variations of the cover plates on & off, I found that it’s only after tightening the cover plates that the problem occurs. If I just held both plates on with my fingers (without the screws), I could not reproduce the problem. But tighten the screws, and there it is. I’m confident I’m not over-tightening either - in order to eliminate the noise, the screws need to be practically be jiggling around in the housing. I tried reducing the reed’s gap a bit, which changed the sound of the problem noise, but it still happens.

Is it possible the reed is hitting/scraping the edge of the reed plate?

Regardless, I think I’ll just contact the Amazon sub-seller where I bought it and get it exchanged. At least this was a good learning experience.
Thanks to all.