Question about Seydels...

I know that most Hohners are made in Germany, and Lee Oskars in Japan, but what about Seydels? Where are they manufactured?

Germany beginning in 1847:

What about Suzuki? Where are they manufactured? I’m doing a research project on harmonicas BTW, so that’s why I’m asking.

What?! You want I/we should do your research homework for you?! :o

Type in: “Where are Suzuki harmonicas made” into google; yahoo; bing; whatever search engine you use!

Then feel free to get back and let me/us know what you’ve found! Hehehehe!! ;D

I tried that, but the search was too wide. It gave me Suzuki cars, pianos etc. but I didn’t see anything on Suzuki harmonicas

Hey Jonathan,
Try adjusting your search to Suzuki musical instrumments.
They make (or made) quite a variety.


Suzuki Harmonicas have no relationship with the car company what so ever. Most of their stuff is made in Japan but their lower end stuff like the FolkMaster is made in China under their QC.
Are ALL Seydel harps made in Germany? Even their lower end stuff?

Hi Frank !

AFAIK, the SEYDELs are still made in Germany.
I looked for as much info as possible, because ( till now ) I like them best !
Easy to play, airtight, etc. …

Oldy :slight_smile:

Seydels are made in Klingenthal, Germany.