Question about the scale of harmonica

hi everyone!

i bought today a harmonica, but the scale of this harmonica is G, and after i looked a bit deeper in all the harmonica business, i saw that most of the harmonica lessons/guides is with C scale harmonica.

my question is:
should i keep this harmonica? or try to change it to C scale harmonica?

thx in advance!

That is up to you. “G” will work fine, the lessons do transfer from harp key to harp key. You just won’t be playing in the same pitch/key if you are hearing an example played in “C”. Your pitch/key/tone will be lower than the example given.

me and my friend are both playing on guitar, and we decided to add some more sound, and we both agreed on harmonica cous we liked the sound.
he bought a C harmonica and i bought G harmonica.
we wont be able to play both on our different harmonicas right?
and does the sounds on the C harmonica is same as G harmonica? meaning - if i see on some guide that on C harmonica, first hole, blow = sound/chord x so on the G harmonica, on the same first hole, blow will be = the same x sound/chord but on another scale?

thx in advance!

Yes you could possibly play together. The do,ra,me scale without bends can be played in holes 4,5,6,7. Person with the “G” harp will have to play using these holes (1st position) and will be playing in the key of “G”. The person playing the “C” harp will have to learn to bend. The “G” scale can be played on the “C” harp (2nd position) using holes 1,2,3,4 with the knowledge of bending. For simplicity sake I would just go get another “C” harp. 2nd position sounds better on the harp and you can learn together and play together.