Question on harmonica bending!

Hey everyone!

I have been playing Swedish traditional folk music on a Hohner special 20 in G, for about two years. The other day i bought two new harmonicas to finally be able to play in D and A as well. The thing is, holes nr 1,2,3,4 & 6 on the new harmonicas are really hard to bend. Some of them wont bend at all. The new harmonicas are Hohner golden melody in D and Hering 1923 vintage harp in A. The questions i want to ask is:

  • Does my new harps require a different technique to bend?
  • Maybe i don’t know how to bend at all?
  • Or, are some harps just really tough to bend and some not. And if so, it it possible to adjust the reeds to make a tone easier to bend? (I already know how to tune a harmonica)

If someone else already made this post i apologize and would be happy to get a link.

Thanks for your help!

I found the answer in the post “A question about reed gapping…”. I tried out the method shown in Josephs video post and now both the new harmonicas bend without problem!

Gapping is the most-often cited cure, but comb leakage is a huge problem. Air can leak either through the bottom or between comb teeth. Plastic recessed-reedplate combs can be especially problematic. the leakage happens because the comb and reedplate aren’t flat. None of them are perfectly flat.
The easiest remedy is torque the screws. I came up with this procedure based on what I’d learned replacing heads on automobile engines. If you just willy-nilly tighten screws, or overtighten screws on an engine head, the head won’t sit flat and you’ll have antifreeze coming out the exhaust pipe. I thought the same kind of torque procedure would help on harmonicas and it does.
I made this video a while back to illustrate it. There’s a tag at the end for, but I don’t sell stock harps and tools anymore.
Properly torquing harmonica reedplate screws