Questions about diatonic harmonica tabs

Hi, I’m new user here, I’d like to ask some questions.

First question, please see these tabs.

What does ’’ mean?

what does b[/b] mean? My guess is bend but not sure.

And occasionally i come across * what does it mean? My guess is to keep blowing but I’m not sure so I’m asking.

Is there other diatonic harmonica tabs signs that i may come across? I know about - and +

’ -is a half step bend
" - is a whole step bend
'" -is a 1 1/2 step bend (only on hole 3)
() - tells you to play the hole numbers inside, together at the same time. (+5+6) would be to blow holes 5 & 6 at the same time.

  • = blow note
  • = draw note
    b or ’ = halfstep bend
    bb or ‘’ = two halfstep bend
    bbb or ‘’’ = three halfstep bends
    (###) = chords (relevant hole numbers placed within parentheses)
    < = means push the button in (for chromatic harmonica tabs)
    Example: On a C harp, there are 4 draw notes on hole 3 (-3=B, -3’=Bb,
    -3’’=A, -3’’’=Ab)

You will also find some tabs written with the blow note just a number and the draw note written in a circle.

thanks a lot :smiley: