RACK PLAYERS. New product. Change harps with one hand. Holds two harps.

Note: I have nothing for sale.


We are looking for willing participants to review our newest harmonica accessory products that will be available this fall 2012.
Baker Technologies is a family owned business that designs and manufactures products designed for the working solo or duo acoustic performers.

I use everything I design in my own solo show. These are some things that make my job easier.

The NEW Harmonica accessories are a great addition to our line.

Quick Change Duo allows rack users to convert their current rack into a magnetic version for quickly changing harps, but it also allows the user to add a second harp to the rack for a DUAL harmonica rack!
Check out the product video!!

Harp Kross Box is a dual harmonica accessory for the SM58 microphone. This allows the user hands free harp playing using a standard microphone stand, this works great for keyboard players, drummers, or guitar players that do not want to put on the rack. Additionally a harp player can hold two harps securely in their hands.

Both products can be seen by going to utube and entering piknboard into the search box. (New demos)

We have a new product that will convert your neck rack into a slick tool, enabling you can change harps with one hand, and it holds two harps. Wait ‘till you play one. It will change your life.

We are looking for product reviews from magazines, publications, players, music stores, etc.
Please let us know if you are interested, we will be sending units for review in late August and will have 50 units available for samples.

Please email us at stevebakersolo@yahoo.com or call us @ 808-463-4752

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Steve Baker

Just sent you an email. 8)